Atlanta Ketamine Center

"Let me start by saying that the environment and people you surround yourself with during this experience makes a HUGE difference.

Atlanta Ketamine Center has NAILED IT!

During your experience with ketamine you need to feel safe and comfortable. The nurse was absolutely fantastic and I felt like she was a good friend by the end of my sessions. She listened to me, make me feel comfortable, gave me snacks, a weighted blanket.. you name it.

The doctors are also warm and welcoming. It’s like a big family in there and you can actually FEEL the love. 💗 I’m recommending this center to everyone I know that wants to positively change their life."

"Discovering Atlanta Ketamine Center was a pivotal moment in my fight against depression and anxiety. The staff’s warmth and expertise immediately put me at ease, providing a tailored, knowledgeable approach to treatment.

Sessions in their tranquil, welcoming space, with soothing music, significantly eased my nerves. After a few treatments, I felt a notable reduction in anxiety and a lift from depression, bringing a clarity and relief I hadn’t felt in years.

The team’s holistic approach, combining ketamine with counseling and lifestyle guidance, addressed my mental health comprehensively, leading to a remarkable improvement in my daily life and relationships."

"My experience at the ketamine center was positive and transformative, prompting me to express my gratitude through this review. The level of care and attention extended throughout my journey was truly exceptional. From the initial step into the center, I sensed their commitment to providing a supportive and understanding environment. *Which is SO important in this field.* The staff demonstrated both professionalism and warmth, making the entire experience comfortable.

Everything was thoughtfully designed, with serene lighting and well-equipped rooms featuring large screens for visual and auditory stimuli. The staff exhibited professionalism and approachability, fostering an open and communicative atmosphere for me pre and post treatment. Their empathetic support was a consistent and reassuring presence throughout the process.

The ketamine infusion session itself was a carefully guided and deeply therapeutic experience. It felt like an introspective journey, unlocking emotions and insights that I will use moving forward in my life. The therapeutic effects extended beyond my expectations, creating a profound sense of emotional healing and “rebirth.”

Post-treatment, there was an improvement in my mental well-being. The weight of anxiety & depression diminished, replaced by a newfound sense of mental clarity and tranquility. The overall experience exceeded my expectations, and I recommend this ketamine center to those seeking a compassionate and transformative approach to mental health care.

Notably, I am tapering off my antidepressant medication, attributing this positive progress to the ketamine treatments- YAY!

My sincere thanks go to the entire team for their support, and I anticipate returning for additional sessions as needed. This experience has been instrumental in positively reshaping my mental health journey.

+ as a bonus they have tons of yummy snacks for after your treatment"